With this new decade rolling in and everywhere in the world Mother Earth is screaming to us to do better, to live more conscience, where absolutely less IS more!!

This for me is the moment I can not sit back but have to show you my way of living, wherever you are in this beautiful world. To show you how you can reduce your impact on this planet, little by little, which makes in the end a big change. 

We NEED to,  ALL of us.

My man and I have been living outside the modern society for over 20 years and I wish to share my learnings and skills with you.

I’m working on an e-course that will be available soon as individual modules. I want to present this to you in small tangible bites, so you will be able to find the time to actually do the course. 

And once YOU are ready, you can get to the next module. 

So it won’t be an overwhelmingly big investment in time. But still you will be working on learning new skills that will be fun to do, while being gentle on our environment and which will enrich your life. 

I hope to be ready to launch the first module in February, it will be all about natural dyeing. This module will have a booklet to introduce you to natural dyeing with beautiful pictures, it also will give you access to video(s) especially made for this module. I will be available to answer any questions that might come up once you’re working with the course materials. These questions and answers will be made public within the group of participants so others can benefit from it too.

On the other hand if you will be visiting Chile or live in Chile you can come visit me here in our paradise and join a workshop. I can make you a private workshop or you can choose a date of the workshop list, please contact me for dates and pricing.

Let’s say, we meet soon on-line or off line.

Wishing you a beautiful first month of the new conscience decade!

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